The history of Victory has been war for nearly a thousand years.  Whether with Gods, machines, Asa Lani Fel, or among themselves there has always been bloodshed…until the Airships were created.

The first Airship, named after the  sacred texts of the ancients, was the Magna Carta. Built from three large remnants, she was the able to deliver troops and much needed quanta to the front lines during the Divisive War.

An Airship can only be built with the programing of the Cimbri, the forging of the Suebi, and after being infused with spirit by the Daci.  Tigir fly them and carry Teutons into battle.

The Magna Carta represented the highest level of cooperation in Tribal history.  Her actions at the battle of Acid Bay redefined combat, and brought peace to Victory.  Each tribe was promised a ship  for their territories, for their own names.

Now nearly 30 years later, Airships are twice the size of the originals and mostly single hulled. They carry warbirds and saturation arms.  Some have special weapons like a forward hate ballista, or an underbelly Trebuchet.


Ship Systems

Solar Mag Sails:  Massive Electromagnetic and solar arrays that grab ambient visible and EM radiation and focus it into a Quanta Converter

Quanta Converter: A special device that allows radiation to be directly translated into usable Quanta

Steam Reactor: Compressed Animus, or heat stones, turn several animus lined turbines to create Direct Current electricity for the ship’s props

Maneuver Props:  Cimbric inertial apps and carrier wave tethering are what give the ship its movement. Without its main propellers the ship wouldn’t be able to easily maneuver or maintain a cruising speed.  They can increase overall speed and create a roar that seems to drive back the Asa Lani Fel when put to their full output.

Fungal Deck/Hull:  The trees in victory are not usable for timber. If you try to cut one down they will cut back.  Best to leave them as they are.  Materials built with fungus and mineral mix are lighter and stronger than wood.  Though, steel is preferred but difficult to process.

Notable Ships

Endeavour CAS 02 – The first ship to cross the great ocean and land on distant soil.   Still in service, she seeks out new life and new civilizations.  Her core mission is bold—to go where no tribe have gone before.

Excalibur CAS 07—The largest and most powerful vessel ever created by the tribes.  Her Avalon drive system has allowed this massive ship carrier to reach record heights.  She can carry more warbirds than are currently available and has a combined Teuton and Tigir army to rival any Firebase or Suebi production plant.  Her core can be overloaded and create a shortrange blast that has been hypothesized to be able to take out even a locked down Firebase.

Atlantis CAS 06—She carries an underwater rigging system that allows her to navigate up to 600 meters below the surface.  Cimbric Researchers believe there is a way to ramp up the rig to go deeper, but it’s generally considered inadvisable until the weapons can be upgraded. In the deep, there are Leviathan.

Discovery CAS 03—The backbone of the fleet, this medium frigate has had many notable encounters with Sky Mountain life-forms, kilometer wide floating creatures .  They’re the only crew to effectively land and determined that the islands were alive and full of vast biological resources.  The first was named after the captain of the Discovery, Bowman sky island.