Celerity Motors

“There are few things in the universe that can make a teenage boy happy. Two of them aren’t legal to mention in a public text, leaving the last one being:  to go very fast.”

Jered File; founder of Celerity motors.

The cloud collapse destroyed nearly all modern development of technology. There were labs, and R&D facilities, even billions of terabytes of information, but without the cloud or SCAI (Slave Conscious Artificial Intelligence) humans no longer possessed the ability to interact with the data. As time progressed, wars were fought, databases destroyed, huge gaps opened in the knowledge base.  It would take centuries to recover from.

In the late 24th Century a young gene edit from the Lonestar Confederacy, (now simply the Lonestar state) was able to work with some limited manufacturing gear and create a custom shop in Huston. This “repair” depot quickly became the main repair facility for the Lonestar’s aging militia. 

Jared by the age of 19, utilizing government funds, transformed his business from repairs and maintenance to new vehicle development.  For the first time in nearly 50 years a new vehicle was being manufactured. He also created “eagle’s wings” a research and development facility that was promising new SCAI research in El Paso.

This was just in time for the territorial wars to start. File was a key in the Lonestar’s advantage over the Palo Verde deserts and holding the highway 10 corridor.  With out his ground vehicles and weapons NorCal would have had solid early victories that would have led to their full control over most of the continent. 

Towards the end of the Ice War it was discovered that Jerad was secretly maintaining a den of inequities at his El Paso retreat. A theater of underaged boys was found by authorities after several complaints of kidnappings in the area. It was a quick fall as several citizens of El Paso stormed his retreat and burned it using many of the weapons and devices that Jared himself had developed.

He claimed innocents even as the CM class2 Fuel spitters burned him alive.

Celerity Motors created nearly 25 vehicle types, including, the hot reaction heavy-armored spider turret, the borehole dirt torpedo, the ground carrier glider assault rig, the Cobra anti air mobile platform, and of course the fast moving RFL 100 quad runners.

Celerus is a modified Celerity Motors RFL 100, Phoenix Edition.




Electric air-cooled, radial flux permanent MDA magnet, brushless motor   


62 point power manager

    Front and Rear Suspension

Four CM class six multi directions armatures with a 52% phase reference.

    Front and Brakes

    Four independently mounted CM emf 29’s magnetic and carbide clamps, with ABS and 4d micro cooling.

    Fuel Capacity

    1 CM General Use HFC.  (Modified to carry a NorCal military HFC for longer use)

    Seat Height (Variable)

    805mm min

    Length (Variable)   

2190mm minimum

    Width (Variable)

    835mm min

    Height (Variable)

    1165mm min




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