Never having had much of an identity beyond “the place to piss between LA and Phoenix”, Blythe gained a massive uptick in notoriety in the mid 21st  century when the Potomus  superior grow field was seeded. A massive 2000 acre outdoor marijuana farm just south of Blythe. It created jobs and tourism for the small town and built a massive billion dollar economy.

Potomus industries was the leading supplier of marijuana in North America. Mostly remembered for its “Potty Mouth” vaporizers and their controversial marketing programs of the early 22nd century. After the vaporization restructuring act allowed preteens to be marketed to, but not sold, vape products, sales rocketed for nearly 20 years. Eventually health care lawsuits forced the corporation to refocus on older teens with less legal liabilty.

Potomus, expanded into ZSP (Zone specific Psychedelics) in the post cloud world, licensing specific highs for Emoshare platforms like Feelme, and Iamsam.

With the loss of Emoshare and cloud-based experience economy, Blythe fell to the same economic chaos as the rest of the world. Today Blythe is the center of the Resurrection Run and a powerful political force in the Resurrection government. Marijuana is still one of its main exports.

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