Bank traded Currency is a crypto currency that relies on hard coded block chain ledgers. The Resurrection Government has 3 banking centers that can update and grant access to bank trade. The banks are located in Phoenix, Blythe, and Coachella.

1BT is roughly equal to a single meal, bullet, or passage to the next stop. Most jobs pay 2 to 5BT per diem. A typical Caravan Runner can earn 20BT on 10 day run, but food and supplies are usually covered by the employer.

After the 21st century economic depression when world currency tanked, the only usable form of income was cryptocurrency. In 2050 the United Nations, as one of its last efforts, ratified a global trade agreement for 16 cryptocurrency Ledgers.  Crafted and operated by MS Freeborn AI they quickly replaced all print and minted currency.

The interaction was usually wireless and Wi-Fi based but in 2102 when the Amazon Water Rights league began to operate as a terrorist organization, they uploaded a Wi-Fi bio hack that spread via cloud network.

The famous poo.brownnote.biox unleased a mass exodus from Wi-Fi for nearly three years and brought attention to basic water rights. Transactions then went from wireless to slot/port exchange via portable fob devices. Though the Fobs quickly returned to wireless use, the idea of carrying your money outside of your personal cloud remained.

Today there are only three ledgers on the planet. The Resurrection Government, The Lonestar confederacy, and the Victory Land Mass off the coast of Madagascar.