Bank-trade Currency (BTC)

The heart of the Ressurection is the value of its coin. In a world of sand pirates and shifting governments, the only way to secure commerce and trade was to set up a reliable banking system.  Bank-traded Currency is a cryptocurrency that relies on hardcoded blockchain ledgers. The Resurrection Government has 3 banking centers that can update and grant access to BTC. The banks are located in Phoenix, Blythe, and Coachella. Fobs are issued by the banks and updated manually by insertion into one of the Banking AI frames.

Today there are only three ledgers on the planet. The Resurrection Government, The Lonestar confederacy, and the Victory Land Mass off the coast of Madagascar.

1BTC (sometimes called ‘Bits’ or ‘Bitsy’) is roughly equal to a single meal, bullet, or passage to the next stop. Most jobs pay 2 to 5 bits per diem. A typical Caravan Runner can earn 20 bit on a 10-day run, but food and supplies are usually covered by the employer.

Deeper Dive

In 2050 the United Nations, as one of its last efforts, ratified a global trade agreement for 16 cryptocurrency Ledgers.  Crafted and operated by MS Freeborn AI they quickly replaced all print and minted currency. This was a response to the Barron of Mars Trumpbucks currency program that tried to establish an official exchange with Earth and the lunar colonies. Trumpbucks were aluminum cast coins presented as not needing “Mind control devices” to function. At this point in history, most people had cyber-cell implants for easy access to augmented environments.

Cloud ledgers were used for nearly 50 years before the biohackers disrupted the global network with their brown note.

in 2102 the Amazon Water Rights League, as a response to escalating prices on water, launched a brown note campaign. The attack utilized the same cloud network access that crypto ledgers had been using. The hackers used the cyber-cell implants and recent vaccination monitoring devices to cause an unanticipated evacuation of a person’s bowels.  Dubbed “The shit felt round the world”, the incident caused a mass exodus from cyber-cell technology for an entire generation.


Transactions then went from wireless to slot/port exchange via portable fob devices. Though the Fobs quickly returned to wireless use, the idea of carrying your money outside of your personal cloud remained.


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