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Back to the Vents

There is a moment that lasts forever, burning through your mind and deeper still into you. You look him in the eye, and he looks back. He nods, quick, but casual, and then he jumps up and starts to fire his pistol.

You cannot outrun bullets, but you can move quicker than most men can pull a trigger. With a burst of speed, you shoot back towards the vent. Several bullets and micro missiles whiz past as your carbon fiber poncho absorbs at least two direct hits to your back. You drop into the darkness and from here you can escape. You know better than to look back.

As you navigate through the underground conduits your heart is heavy, your mind filled with screams, raging in full for what has just happened.  You can barely comprehend what truths you now have.  You asked and Seth-Sagan answered changing everything. Just words, but words to turn the world on its side.

Distracted, you barely react fast enough to dodge a mini-missile.  It sang out from the dark, shot from a cop balancing perfectly on some conduits. There are two of them blocking your retreat. Their balance and accuracy means they can only be Synths. You should have covered your tracks.

Your rage would have you slaughter them with your bare hands, but you know that Synths are faster and stronger than you. But they aren’t smarter.

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