6R1665: Orbital Deployment Platform (ODP)

“Griggs” is Jumpspace inserted orbital asset designed to get early reconnoiter of Ice giants, moons, planets or dwarf planets. Affixed to a booster assisted Jumpfighter the platform is dropped, as a single unit, in low orbit, 85k to 150k but within the range of any radiation belts if identifiable.

The unit separates into four satellite pods, then using on board thrusters, moves to equilateral positions over the planets main orbital plane.  The forward LUFT nose cap (Light Utility Fast Transport) descends into the upper atmosphere and deploy a small armada of 99 Reentry Environmental Detectors balloons. (Luftballoons)

The aft Cap moves to out to an available LaGrange point and functions as an observatory and Jumpspace packet com and QEcom.

Full envelopment of the orbital plane can take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours depending on the size and orbital environment.  Luftballoon deployment varies from planet to planet.  Once fully deployed the system can stay in orbit indefinitely. Artificial Consciousness is usually deployed and can be retrieved through a specialized launch pod contained in each of the primary units.

All four satellites carry redundant observational systems, though each is geared to a specific tasks. Transferring to a pod takes a full round.  Moving pods from one location to another takes several hours. An A/C that manifests in a specific pod will be granted bonuses based on that pod.  At the beginning of the game the A/C must declare which pod he is in and which pod is in orbit over the players.

General Rules

  • Aggressive Insertion: Sacrificing a surface drone the A/C may Make a **** (daunting) ranged attack and forcibly embed into a physical structure or vehicle to make a hacking attempt.


Alpha Sat: Strike Pod

Tactical overlay: In combat situations Make a *** (hard) Perception Check and grant any advantage bonuses to the PC of your choice. If successful players have a map of the battlefield. -2 black dice on rough terrain, and + 1 blue on a single attack vs Cover. Roll can be made every round to grant bonuses. Action.

Beta Sat: Support Pod

Orbital Drop Shock Package: With a *** (Hard) piloting check. Resupply pod containing food, temporary shelters, energy and ammo resupply, and the following Items:

    • Vehicle____________________
    • Heavy Weapon____________________
    • Back up QECom____________________
  • Failure indicates the pod breaks up on reentry. Storypoint can save 1 item. Disadvantage means the drop pod is farther away.
Delta Sat: Passive Scan Pod
  • Escape; With a **** (daunting) Vigilance Check A/C can navigate players into full cover without parting shots. Add in a story point to fully disengage. Failure grants 2 advantage to enemy ranged, or moves players into rough terrain.
Gamma Sat: Active Scan Pod
  • ECCM (Electronic Counter Measures): Make a *** Hard Computer Check to use the uses the JS Transmitter to disrupt any mechanical systems in a medium range from a single point. P/Cs need to use a laser or heat source to mark. Failure affects the whole party. Spill: Disadvantage all goes to the next player to use an electronic device.