You’re alone, flat on your back, with lots of guns and hard-core cops all around.  They think they have you right where they want you, but they don’t realize it’s the other way around.

With a quick roll to the left, you grab the second cop’s leg and snap back to the right pulling his knee out and dropping him into the mud close enough to stop the others from shooting you.

Without any loss of momentum, you roll out from under the fallen cop, spin on your back, and bring a heavy kick to the knee of the one whose boot was on your neck. As he falls you snap up onto your feet and turn to the third cop who only stares calmly. Its empty apathetic response means it can only be a Synth.  You grab your backpack and run as fast as you can. Like a rabbit through the forest, you move through gaps and holes in the city that the cops could never know about. Two blocks later you are free and clear.

You wonder why the Synth didn’t stop you. (This is your first choice. If you think you’re less attack dog, then try a different option)

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