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Attack the Synths

With some swift blinks and rapid pulls of the trigger, you spit out two rockets.  The first hits a Synth but not before it raises its hand, sacrificing the limb to stay in the fight. The second rocket hits the conduit in front of them.

Rather than retreat to the surface you push forward and crash hard on the newly damaged conduit as you dodge their return fire.  The near misses impact close, and the tiny warhead sends shrapnel into your neck and hands.

The conduit shudders under the weight of you and the two Synths. You press forward blind firing your rocket gun at close range and the repeated impacts on the first Synth tear it apart. You aim through a smoldering cloud as its burning halves fall down into the mechanical abyss.

The second, unpaused by the violence burst forward through the smoke but, its heavy weight collapses the conduit you were standing on. You both slip down. The Synth falls away to its death, but your poncho catches on a jagged scrap of metal. The sturdy material slowly tears, resisting just enough for you to watch your ultimate end.

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