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Attack the Monster

The gyro-jet missile launches out with an angry hiss. Its target is determined, its fate, and yours, decided at the pull of the trigger.  As expected, the Baby-Eater’s head explodes as his maw was about to bite down on the horrified child. The boy and the body fall to the ground and the children scream as blood and burned brains patter down in a red slurry.

“Goddammit, KK,” Seth-Sagan hisses, “Do you know what you’ve done.”

“Yeah, the right fucking thing. Now, let’s get out of here before the cops figure out what’s going on.”

“I should kill you!”

“I ain’t easy to kill.”

For a moment you believe you will need to fight your mentor. The thought sickens you, almost as much as what he was prepared to do. A fight here would be dangerous for both of you, but what he just tried to get you to do is as close to evil as it comes. Your justice program screams to make him answer for this crime, but your logical faculties know a fight here would just drop you both into the abyss. It might be best to get out of here and figure out the moral implications later.

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