You will not die here!  You must survive to bring the story of your fallen comrades home.  Brands bright, you struggle and fight with all your will.  Even as the darkness and panic sweep over you, your hand grasps onto a solid rock in the ever flowing sand.  With strength you did not know you had, you pull yourself from suffocation and what was surely your end.

Gasping for air you have found temporary protection from the swallowing sands on the roof of an old ruin.  The sand still falls away, but not with you in it.   There is a sputter of spectral light a sporadic rainbow hue.  The sinkhole is a dimensional fracture. It must have formed randomly as you were walking by.

Thirst now dominates your thoughts.  The structure you’re on is an old ruin, but seems solid as an endless flow of sand roars past. It has probably been under the sands for a thousand years.  You believe that with a well placed jump you can get back to the desert floor.  Maybe, you shouldn’t have gone so far from the crash site. The sinkhole could still lead somewhere. The sun is burning you, the air almost too hot to breathe and it will be a long walk back.

The structure your on has been lost in the sands, it might hold treasures, or at least a respite from the sun.  Time to explore!

You should have just gone with the flow and followed the sinkhole to water.  You’re second guessing yourself and jumping back in.

The best choice is to head back to the crash site near the old buildings