Asa Lani Fel, or Fel.

No Tribesman remembers when they first showed up.  Some believe they have always been there, at the edges of the world, hunting and killing, an animalistic competitor trying desperately to survive. They eat the flesh of men, and they torture the women and children, singing victory songs to their cries.

There are rumors that they come from beyond the deserts, beyond the sky, but no one knows for sure.  The only things that are certain are they are warlike, they eat Tribesmen, and they must be eradicated.

-Researcher Ophidius.

Massive anthropomorphic felines closer to the saber-tooth tigers than lions or leopards.  They come in a variety of coats, colors, and breeds, but generally the adults are over 350kg.  There only interaction with the Five Tribes is literally territorial disputes and raids.   No diplomatic attempts have been attempted as all entrances into their territories end in conflict.

Fel attack opportunistically and have never had a true large scale military engagement.  In the past “wars” have been fought against them, but these boil down to raid and counter raid incidents.

It has been noted that Fel use bludgeoning weapons and rarely use there powerfully sharp claws in combat.  It is assumed that it is cultural but many rumors about that they don’t want to kill their prey, the want to eat it alive.

Little is known about the Fel’s origins or culture, but they do have a loose coalition of territories, that band together for common defense.  Their technology is comparable to Cimbric High Council tech, though they have little or no ability to manipulate Animus.  It is this lack that allows the tribes to maintain their territories.  Even the most powerful Teuton fireteam would have difficulty taking down a single Fel.