“I am Endo Ducati, of the Firebase Columbia, Baaldzout battle group,” You say factually.  You look around and there is no instant reply.  Perhaps it was your mind, then a booming synthetic voice roars through the cavern. Dust rises and you can feel his words rumble in your chest.

“You are brave to declare your heritage to your enemy.  I am surprised any Teutons survived the war.  I have slept here for centuries.  Tell me why you are here.”

You should know the tales of your people better than you do. Huge mecha once littered Victory, living cities and sky islands.  They were worshiped as gods, but the five Tribes gathered and slew them.  You don’t remember why, stories were not your focus, fighting was.   You could run and hope this monster is stuck in the rock, long defeated.  Or you can tell it why you’re here. Teuton do not know fear, and they do not lie, but you’ve been down here a while. You’re not even sure if this is real, maybe you should just move on, real or not it sounds big.

I better get out of here while I still can

Tell it the truth, no fear, you are lost and trying to get home