Death is in the coffee shop, sipping on a soul, Wizards selling happy pills everywhere you go. Scary things ain’t just in dreams they seep out from your soul but, if you look into the dark what places might you go?


American Mythic is a series of collectible poetic art scrolls that will draw you into a neo-goth horror world that sits just past the corner of your eye.  A modern reimagining of Reapers, Demons, and Witches populate familiar slice-of-life places.

Each scroll is linked to a Nexus page online that has music, deep dive, and ARG-storytelling techniques that create an in-depth discovery style of storytelling.

This transmedia draws from film, comic books, independent music, web games, and TTRPG resources to lay out the map for your mind to explore.

American Mythic is an experimental form of storytelling crowdfunded and built with a deep passion for the materials.  Please help us bring this project into the mainstream, your investment will put you on the cutting edge of media fusion storytelling.

Check our our first Scroll Nexus by clicking below


Once you get your scroll home, open it. (Do not drive and scroll).

Unroll your scroll and enjoy the fantastic art and story. Keep an eye out for QR codes, there will always be one at the end of the scroll, but sometimes we will sneak one into the art.  

Use your phone to link to the nexus page. If you are  on a desktop you can go to and find the Nexus there. 

Once you land on the nexus page you will find additional art, story concepts, music, and videos that expand the lore and story.   

Welcome to modern storytelling.

Additionally the landing page will be a place where you can link to our community and interact with other fans and creators.