What is the 23rd Archive?

The 23rd Archive was created late one night at a Denny’s in Northern California. A friend and I, Johnny G, had this idea that people would read web comics if we built a site. We had a hundred ideas of what to name it, but the 23rd Archive stood out. We created a back story where an alien being had found the last library of an ancient civilization. We ran with it, and no one cared.

A year or so later my friend Josh and I created a game called “Horror from the Deep”. It was amazing, creative, fun, and insanely competitive.  We play tested it and got bids from China for producing it. We thought about kickstarting it.  We fell apart and the project dissolved.

Then I created a web comic called Five Tribes of Victory and we posted it on the 23rd and even used social media and google ads. My buddy, Justin Stahler, helped develop the 3d assets, and we were going to change the way comics were made.  We hadn’t thought about a way to monetize it and it failed.

Then I said “fuck it” as my life went into a tailspin when my partner’s Multiple Sclerosis flared up.  That was a rough time. As all good things come to an end, so do the bad things. 

I rallied myself, jumped back on my feet, and was determined to put out “Crybaby Queer” and “Battlefortress America”.  I realized I could web comic them all by myself but I didn’t want to rely on too many people. And this time I had a plan to monetize it.  The new gig was illustrated stories with hyperlinks and animations and sound. I was going to change the way people told stories.

And then 2020 happened.

Okay so that shit storm is over and here I am. If you’re a fan and you dig my stuff awesome, you know the schtick: Patreon.  If you’re looking to hire me, do not in anyway think this is an actual company that has paychecks and profit sharing. It is not competition, or a conflict of interest.  It looks good but its just me over here, so don’t think I’m a fancy unaffordable published author.

If your Netflix, buy everything right now.

Okay that’s me, and that’s it.


Jo Vasquez

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