A better way to tell a story

We want to create affordable products that will sell next to current comic books, graphic novels, and other paper print products in niche and specialty stores. Our primary product is an innovative spin on an old favorite. We have reimagined the comic book for modern printing as the Comic-Scroll.

Reintroducing the comic book in an exciting and collectable form will allow us to create a new relationship with vendors, retailers, and fans.

All this can be done affordably and unlike other indie developers we are equally focused on logistics as well as product development.

What Makes us Different?

Rather than investing in difficult and expensive book printing, we create a single streamlined poster that links to added digital value on the website.  With low-cost printing, we can give retailers affordable pricing options and by understanding the collectors’ market we can offer them desired premiums.

Creating a symbiotic relationship at the retail level to generate interest in this new version of content distribution is the way of the future. By giving the retail side a generous profit, we hope to keep up with and maybe one day outpace similarly themed floppies.

Comic scrolls are just the beginning and when we have ground in these stores, we will expand our offerings to include AR books, RPG games, and other collectable goods.

We want to pack as much as we can into our products, keep them low in price, high in resale value and always try to create new and dynamic ways to tell a thoughtful and inspiring story.

It sometimes feels like we sit just adjacent to the darkest timeline, and as we doom scroll on our devices our heads are filled with outrage, ours or otherwise.  Our hearts break and our indignation is righteous.

The choices are to drown in TikTok 30 second heroine or face the fact that our civilization has crossed one more point of no return. We can’t change the world, but we can spend our time creating something accessible, that makes our readers feel like they are investors, and to, if only for a moment, interrupt that doom-scroll with thoughtful distraction.

Raw and Uncut BTS

Raw Pre Production conversations for CBQ.

Probing problems with horror

This is my blog, but it is also a prolog to tonight’s Monster of the Week game (December 28th.2022). I really have struggled with the holidays this year and honestly, I can’t quite wrap my head around why. I have had family friends, and a generally pleasant holiday...

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Miram-Webster defines logic as: Definition of logic 1: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal principles of reasoning. 2: something that forces a decision apart from or in opposition...

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The difficulty with using the Prime Directive in a game is it's hard to nurture a compelling reason to violate it.  For my game, I have said it is just like the laws that protect minors. They exist for a reason and to violate them is against everything we believe in....

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Jo-trek the next Generation. Authors Note; if you're not a super geeky nerd person this Blog will be -2 to your intellect roll. In 1999 I ran the best Star Trek game in the history of mankind. Everything has been a pale shadow since, at least when it comes to playing...

Jo Vasquez BTS

Time and time again This post is to get my thoughts together.  I have so many things I need to do in a week, and it often feels overwhelming. Every once in a while, I just drop down and look at everything and try to organize it, knowing most of it won’t get done, but...

BTS What is a Light Novel?

The term comes from Japan and is used for young adult illustrated books. They are closer to American pulp fiction novels than graphic novels as they don’t have heavy art. They aren’t like Manga, a standard comic, or a webcomic in that respect. They were made to pump...

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