A place that exists between time and iteration. It is often referred to as “the Bridge” or simply “Bridgespace.”  This connection point is, in itself, unknowable in dimension. It is filled with ionized gasses and dust clouds and has gravitational flows, and at first, it may seem that there is no directional gravity. But this is an illusion caused by the influence of multiple universes acting on the bridge. Time flows differently here. A single moment can last minutes, days, or lifetimes. Navigating its skies away from the bridge structure is extremely dangerous. Those seeking to flee Bridgespace have suffered the effects of old age just to travel a few measly miles.
Bridgespace appears to the observer as vast red-hued clouds with burning rivers and strange colorful flares randomly popping in and out of existence. Once construction on the bridge structure was completed, the unique Bümer-45/60 metal seemed to focus the gravity and temporal vortexes allowing for a consistent space-time experience wherever it extends. Oxygen Nitrogen Atmosphere seems to have seeped in from iterations as well as a variety of life forms.  It isn’t understood how the atmosphere maintains itself though there are large blue algae tanks frequently found at the edges of the structure.