u have reached tha Page in 3rror if you are the first person to see it maybe you get a prize. HOw to WiN da Prize? Whot Is Da priZe? Be it CaSh, no, no, no mr.Superman not home.

Be the da 1st people to post this NUM#3R fraze on Facebook page and you will get some fatty loot. Swear to gods.  iF you don’t see an #umber fraZE then its been gotten.

ONLY ONE PRZE per Num#4 phrase!

NUMBERPHRASEF: i AM THE LAME 001 bEEP me in my Blank Blank 1000xs. 

I tolD u Nik, I could do thi On p4one?

WEb Zelda: https://www.facebook.com/23rdArchive