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Short Stories

Amazing Free Short stories that include, adventure, romance, science fiction, webcomics and horror. Written by true fans for fans!

It’s 1938 and there’s zombies everywhere.

The end game for the Great Crusader, as his young ward, is forced to face down the evil Dr.Death in the 1938 Apocalyptic death storm. Classic Comics, Zombie Hordes, and Tesla Tech create an electrifying and deep story.

Deathstorm 1

Deathstorm 1

 Deathstorm: 1938 Zombie Apoc Written by Jo Vasquez Chapter 1    Casey stood watch at the edge of...

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Deathstorm 2

Deathstorm 2

Chapter 2  His name was Malachi Morgan and he was the son of Chicago’s most notorious millionaire....

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Deathstorm 3

Deathstorm 3

Crowley was very old, not superhuman in any sense, but he did not look his years. There was no...

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Solo Role-playing Games

You choose the path of the story. Will you fight a dragon or run into an ancient temple to escape? You might find a great treasure, but you might die a horrible death! Fantastic art, and creative stories. Have fun and leave a comment on how you died.


Read our Behind the Scenes Blog and learn how we create comics, build stories, and run our crazy role-playing games!

Raw and Uncut BTS

Raw Pre Production conversations for CBQ.

Probing problems with horror

This is my blog, but it is also a prolog to tonight’s Monster of the Week game (December 28th.2022). I really have struggled with the holidays this year and honestly, I can’t quite wrap my head around why. I have had family friends, and a generally pleasant holiday...

How to play… Solo Role-Playing Game

How to play a solo role-playing game. Solo (by yourself, alone) Role-Playing (You pretend you are someone else) Game (in this regard; reading a page that gives your character a choice, and then choosing the best option) The 23rd Archive Solo Role-playing games are...

The logic of being Vulcan

Miram-Webster defines logic as: Definition of logic 1: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration : the science of the formal principles of reasoning. 2: something that forces a decision apart from or in opposition...

Would you violate the Prime Directive?

The difficulty with using the Prime Directive in a game is it's hard to nurture a compelling reason to violate it.  For my game, I have said it is just like the laws that protect minors. They exist for a reason and to violate them is against everything we believe in....

Jo-Trek the Next Generation NERDS ONLY!

Jo-trek the next Generation. Authors Note; if you're not a super geeky nerd person this Blog will be -2 to your intellect roll. In 1999 I ran the best Star Trek game in the history of mankind. Everything has been a pale shadow since, at least when it comes to playing...

Jo Vasquez BTS

Time and time again This post is to get my thoughts together.  I have so many things I need to do in a week, and it often feels overwhelming. Every once in a while, I just drop down and look at everything and try to organize it, knowing most of it won’t get done, but...

BTS What is a Light Novel?

The term comes from Japan and is used for young adult illustrated books. They are closer to American pulp fiction novels than graphic novels as they don’t have heavy art. They aren’t like Manga, a standard comic, or a webcomic in that respect. They were made to pump...

BTS Deathstorm

Behind the scenes of Deathstorm Several years ago, I entered a writing contest for an indie publisher. At the time I had a friend named Vance who was interested in learning how to develop a plot. We sat down and we created the bones of the story in a fun and very...