I always dreamed of making comics. I did a lot of dreaming growing up. I realized one day that there was a difference between being creative, and being a creator. I couldn’t just dream, but I had to wake up and start doing something. The 23rd Archive is my waking vision. It is an anthology style publication where I will bring together artists and writers to create amazing stories.

Starting with web comics we are featuring Childlike God, the story of a sixteen year old kid who gets the power of the Norse Gods. It’s just the first of many that I’d like to produce. I’m also working on a downloadable board game, that’s free to play. A kind of game that isn’t just dice and cards but one that tells an ongoing story from game to game.

Finally a series of novels called Nemesis Chronicles that is a dark take on super beings. It was described by a good friend as Ender’s Game meets the X-men.

I have a few friends that have offered to help but we all have day jobs and this is some heavy work. They share the desire to move from the waking sleep of our daily grind to the wide waking world of comics and games!

With every pledge we move closer to our child dreams becoming real. With your support we will be able to share those dreams with you. I don’t like to think of it as money but such stuff as dreams are made of…Dream with me if you can, wake with me if you will.

Jo Vasquez
Creator of the 23rd Archive